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Who looks after the children??

Published on Jan 17, 2020

The general answer to this question is, unless there is a very good reason, it should be that you both spend time with your children.  It is considered very strongly now that it is in a child’s best interest to spend quality time with both parents.  There are sadly occasions when it isn’t appropriate for the children to see one of their parent’s, but this is in very exceptional circumstances and is certainly not the norm!

How often should they see each parent?
This is a harder question to answer as there isn’t a set amount of time for either parent.  The reality is that any agreement about the children should ensure that both parents spend quality time with their children.  This can take many forms and be structured in many different ways.  

In some cases, people will share the children equally with them having alternate weeks with the children.  In some situations, this isn’t practical and so one parent will have the children more than the other (usually during the week) and the parents will then alternate the weekends.  Similarly, other parents will work shift patterns and will then often split weeks and weekends to ensure that time is spent with them.  The truth is that it is very much a ‘case by case’ scenario and one that doesn’t have a set timetable. 

How do we resolve the situation?
There are a number of ways to resolve the situation. In some cases, people are able to agree between them.  If not, then mediation is a very good alternative.  This allows you to sit with an independent person to attempt to agree a way forward.  If matters still can’t be agreed, then solicitors can be used to try to reach an agreement.  Finally, if arrangements can’t be made, it is possible for either parent to apply to the court for their assistance.

It must be pointed out though that the court application is very much the last resort and not one that many need to undertake and we can help you every step of the way.

If you are having difficulties making arrangements regarding the children.  We offer a free, no obligation, initial appointment to discuss these issues. 

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