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Matrimonial and Family: Our costs structure

Price transparency


We can assist with a full range of Family Law situations including Divorce, Financial Settlements, Pre and Post nuptial agreements, separation agreements, making the arrangements for children (including court applications where necessary) and injunction proceedings.


We have set out below a guide to our charges for the various work we carry out and the team that will be working with you.


Structure of charges


In all areas of work undertaken in the matrimonial department, we charge on the time that is spent assisting you rather than a fixed fee basis, which enables us to provide a bespoke service specific to your needs and ensures that you are only charged for the work that we actually carry out for you.


We have varying levels of experience in the team and this is reflected in the hourly rates charged:-


Nicola Gibbs, Partner and Head of Department - £315 per hour

Kimberley Catuk, Senior Solicitor - £295 per hour


VAT at the rate of 20% must be added to these costs when the work is billed.  




We have a range of experience in the Department, which means we keep our service as cost effective for you.  We work very much as a team and utilise the appropriate experience for each task that is undertaken.  


Likely costs and expenses


It is extremely difficult to set out an estimate of fees for the work we carry out.  There are a number of factors that we need to consider to be able to provide an estimate of fees and these are determined on a case by case basis. For example, some cases may require court action, which would be substantially more expensive than agreeing a position amicably between you.  The costs estimate in these circumstances can be very different and the range of fees can therefore be very wide.  We therefore offer a free initial meeting which allows us to understand your specific situation and needs so that we can then provide you with an appropriate costs estimate.


As part of our money laundering obligations, we may carry out electronic Anti-Money Laundering searches on clients with a third party Agency.  Our costs for an electronic search will be £10 plus VAT per person and £20 plus VAT per company.


Alternative Dispute Resolution


We frequently work alongside mediators to encourage an amicable solution rather than a Court process.  This is a separate cost to our fees but can substantially reduce your fees with us.  We would work alongside you to advise you through this process and to then assist you to formalise your situation.


We hope this has assisted to provide some details as to how we charge for the work we carry out.  Please contact either Nicola or Kimberley to arrange a free initial appointment to discuss how we can assist you with your position further.


TEAM MEMBERS – Matrimonial and Family Department

NICOLA GIBBS – Partner  View Profile

KIMBERLEY CATUK – Senior Solicitor  View Profile

The litigation team during my divorce were phenomenal. Every stage in the process was explained to me at length with infinite patience born out of the understanding of the emotional toll it takes on the client. I found it to be a warm and welcoming firm primarily focused on giving the best advice to their client and getting the best result possible without losing the human perspective. The secretaries, receptionists I met were also super. By the end of my case they knew my voice and of course my name without crossing the line of over familiarity but making me feel valued and not forgotten amongst the many clients they interact with. I would recommend your firm to anyone seeking legal representation. Mrs J
I wanted to thank you for everything you have done. It was an awful time but having you to explain things to me in the kind way you did made a huge difference, thank you.  Mrs P

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