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Commercial Property Work - A Guide to our Charges and Team

We can assist with a full range of Commercial Property work including taking and granting leases, sales, purchases, landlord and tenant rights, and development work.

We have set out below a guide to our charges and the team that will be working with you.


Structure of charges

In all areas of work undertaken in the Commercial Property department, we charge on the time that is spent assisting you rather than a fixed fee basis, which enables us to provide a bespoke service specific to your needs and ensures that you are only charged for the work that we actually carry out for you.


We have varying levels of experience in the team and this is reflected in the hourly rates charged:-

James Pearson, Partner and Head of Department - £315 per hour

Robert Spokoini, Legal Executive - £249 per hour

Emily Nelson, when working as a paralegal - £120 per hour

VAT at the rate of 20% must be added to these costs when the work is billed.  



We have a range of experience in the Department, which means we keep our service as cost effective for you.  We work very much as a team and utilise the appropriate experience for each task that is undertaken.  For example, in the case of administrative tasks, we will try to use Emily Nelson who would work as a paralegal so that you are not charged at our Head of Department rate or Legal Executive rate, which would be a considerable saving to you.


Likely costs and expenses

It is extremely difficult to set out an estimate of fees for the work we carry out.  There are a number of factors that we need to consider to be able to provide an estimate of fees and these are determined on a case by case basis.


It is therefore important that we establish the parameters of the work that you require so that we can provide as accurate an initial estimate as possible. This will then enable you to decide whether you wish to instruct us to proceed to act for you on the transaction.


As part of our money laundering obligations, we may carry out electronic Anti-Money Laundering searches on clients with a third party Agency.  Our costs for an electronic search will be £10 plus VAT per person and £20 plus VAT per company.


We hope this has assisted to provide some details as to how we charge for the work we carry out.  Please contact either James or Robert to arrange an initial appointment to discuss how we can assist you.


TEAM MEMBERS – Commercial Property Department

JAMES PEARSON – Partner  View Profile

ROBERT SPOKOINI – Legal Executive  View Profile

EMILY NELSON – Paralegal

Excellent in all respects James is a pleasure to work with and has always provided an excellent service. I really value his expertise and experience on a wide range of issues. Highly recommended.

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