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Wills Probate and Trusts

We have been advising on Wills, Trusts and Tax planning, preparing Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection Applications and helping with Probate matters in the Sevenoaks area for generations.

The importance of making both a will and having powers of attorney cannot be overemphasised. Our advice will enable your family to avoid the problems that arise from inadequate drafting or if there is no will and power of attorney at all.

We manage Trusts, obtain Probate and Letters of Administration, and deal with the winding up of estates of all types and sizes.

Tax planning is often complex and arranging your financial affairs according to your own commitments and responsibilities requires expert advice. We can help in setting up effective financial protection for individuals to safeguard their wealth through a range of tax planning exercises.

For guidance in respect of our Costs and Fees in respect Applying for the Grant, Collecting and distributing the assets on a non taxable estate please click here

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Latest News

Damien and all staff contacts have been courteous and helpful throughout. Damien certainly went the "extra mile" to meet our serious deadline. We are grateful for your firm's empathetic care.
We were very impressed with the whole experience - woud not hesitate to return to Damien. Thank you.
Mark Thomson of Knocker & Foskett Solicitors did an very good job looking after our father's estate. He helped us, the executors, understand the process and gave us wise advice when we needed it most - right after our father's death. Best of all, he handled all the leg-work on our behalf. Mark looked after everything efficiently, calmly and with good humour. We greatly appreciated the depth of his knowledge and his friendly approach, and we would definitely recommend him to others.
I really do appreciate the sensitive, sensible and above all friendly and approachable manner in which Mark Thomson has dealt with everything. His expertise and competent work has helped me immeasurably in achieving as painless as possible a completion of all the details in this sad and deeply moving matter.
Not only very professional, but welcoming, friendly and personable. The whole firm is a pleasure to do business with, even in somtimes stressful situations. Much appreciated

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